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Successful Business Planning to Reach Your Dreams


For a Limited Time, BGI is Partnering with Allstate Mega-Agent Terry Burns to Bring You and Your Business a Very Special Opportunity...

"In all of my time as an Allstate Agency Owner, I have never seen anyone as adept at creating and following a successful
business plan as Terry Burns. Terry's results absolutely speak for themselves-he has taken advantage of every single opportunity for accomplishment that the business we're in can offer-And Terry can teach you to do the same thing. If you're tired of just grinding along
with no real direction, this is your way out- don't let this opportunity pass you by!

-Bill Gough
Allstate Agency Owner
Allstate Hall of Fame

All of us, as Business Owners, have an idea of what we want to accomplish, what kind of life we want to have, and how far we want to take our businesses.

So why is it that so many Business Owners struggle and often fail to reach those goals?

It isn't because we don't work hard- it isn't because we aren't capable of success- and it isn't because we have unrealistic expectations.

Listen- All business owners work hard. That isn't the problem. Most of us have bought in to the idea that if we work hard, we will be successful. Unfortunately, that's only half of the formula...

You must have a great plan to reach your goals. Period.

In other words, it doesn't matter how fast you run. If you don't know where you're going, chances are you're going to end up somewhere that you don't want to be.
Once we realize this, the challange becomes... What should the plan be?

Many entrepreneurs are discouraged by this idea- not realizing that building on, and learning from, the planning of other successful people is the fastest way to realize their dreams! It's the difference between the stairs and the elevator...

As a respected leader in marketing stratagies and systems for insurance agencies across the country, BGI takes its responsibility to deliver proven, quality business solutions very seriously.
That's why we feel so good about sharing this opportunity to develop a successful business plan from one of the most impressive and accomplished planners we know, Terry Burns.

Who is Terry Burns?

Terry has grown beyond his small town Arkansas roots to achieve great success in a variety of industries. Terry has made a positive impact in enterprises ranging from potato chips to professional sports.

More recently, he has brought his expertise to the Allstate family in Tennessee, continuing his history of deliberate success in multiple locations across the state. Over the course of his brief, 7 year career as an agency owner, Terry has increased his offices' revenue from 7 to 15 million in premiums. This level of achievement is no accident- Terry has spent his career fine-tuning the planning skills and philosophy that make this kind of success not just possible, but inevitable.

So, if following the proven practices of someone who is already where you want to be sounds better than aimlessly trying to figure it out on your own...
Today is your day.

BGI Marketing has created an opportunity for you to have a personalized business plan constructed by a proven expert in the field.

Here is how it works...

The Complete Package

All of this for a single investment of only $2997

The Basic Package

The basic plan is just a single investment of only $697

We are totally confident that if you follow Terry's plan- you will see results. So confident, in fact, that if you use this system and are not satisfied with the results we'll give you back your investment. No questions asked. There is absolutely no risk, just the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of proven success.

Don't put it off any longer- remember, this offer will not be around for long!